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About Me

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Hello, and welcome to The Dimpled Date! My name is Kelly, and I am so glad you are here and hope you are able to find a recipe you like! My recipes are all vegan, gluten-free, and free of added sugar (including less-processed sugars such as coconut and maple sugars, as well as honey, maple syrup, and agave). Most of my recipes are caffeine-free (aside from occasional matcha/tea-themed baked goods and very occasional coffee/mocha baked goods), and many of these recipes are grain-free. There are some keto recipes on this blog and all of the recipes on here are yeast-free. I typically sweeten my desserts, smoothies, and breakfast recipes with fruit (or date sugar), but on occasion I do use artificial sweeteners such as stevia or monk fruit (and very rarely Swerve and chicory root fiber syrup/inulin). I try to use the artificial sweeteners minimally, however.

I am a big time dog lover and have two adorable dogs named Stella (on the left) and Colbie (on the right). They're both rescues, both mixes, and both spoiled. Stella is a blue heeler Australian cattle dog mix and Colbie is a German shepherd mix! I enjoy writing, nutrition, taking nature walks, listening to music, drawing, and baking (of course!).

The reason I started this food blog was so I could share healthy recipes that taste delicious, and so I could improve and build upon my baking skills. Also, I really wanted to have a website that had recipes that worked for people like me, who are on a specific diet regimen (or are just looking for healthy alternatives!). The diet that all of the recipes on this site follow is a vegan, anti-inflammatory diet, similar to the paleo and AIP diet (Autoimmune Protocol Diet).

I have been diagnosed with multiple infections, including Lyme disease and Candida*, as well as an autoimmune disease, so I wanted to share recipes that taste good and make people feel good too. I also created this blog to share my knowledge on nutrition, healthy habits, and autoimmunity and other health conditions.**

On The Dimpled Date, you'll find everything from secretly veggie-containing desserts to vegan, protein-filled smoothies to occasional savory snacks and dishes. I always try to use nutrient-dense ingredients that provide a wealth of health benefits, and I will explain why the ingredients in my recipes are good for you.

Thank you for visiting The Dimpled Date, I hope you like it here, and maybe find a new recipe that will become a favorite in your house and put a dimpled smile on your face :)


*Note: All the recipes on this food blog are free of added sugar. All of my recipes are free of white sugar, brown sugar, coconut sugar, maple sugar, etc. and maple syrup, honey, agave, coconut nectar, date syrup, etc. The only artificial sweeteners you'll see on here are stevia, monkfruit, Swerve, chicory root syrup, and pure erythritol but everything else is sweetened with fruit (fresh, frozen, dried, or dehydrated, but mostly fresh). I use absolutely NO yeasts of any sort in any of these recipes, since Candida is a yeast and consuming edible yeast can exacerbate symptoms. So for those of you on the Candida diet, you don't have to worry about these recipes containing yeast or artificial sugar, or other high-sugar ingredients, but I do use fruits to sweeten a lot of my recipes. So for those of you with severe Candida, I would recommend consulting with your doctor before consuming fruits (especially high-sugar fruits). And of course, you can always swap out sugar-free sweeteners or low-sugar fruits for the fruit in my recipes (and I will always provide substitutes that are 100% free of sugar, or low in sugar, in my recipes). Most of my recipes are sweetened with dates (and date sugar), bananas, and/or applesauce, but you will see many other different fruits used here.

**Note: I am NOT a licensed professional, and am in NO WAY qualified to have my words be interpreted as medical advice, suggestions for treatment, or in any other way imply that what I write on here can be taken as advice for someone's medical decisions. I am simply here to share what I know about nutrition and healthy eating habits and methods of detox, recipes that have worked to improve my symptoms, and obviously my own recipes that I'm sharing with all of you.

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