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Update: Deleted Photos on Old Posts

Hi Dimpled Date junkies and newcomers! Unfortunately, I ran out of file space on Wix, and tried to delete some photos to make more space. I tried test-running deleting a couple of photos to see if they disappeared on my site... turns out they all automatically deleted when I clicked the command to delete just one photo... :/ So, if you see that some of my older Dimpled Date posts don't have pictures, that's why. I may be doing a site transfer to another website host soon because I can't pay to upgrade my storage. It's just too expensive (and I've been able to afford my subscription for 3 years in a row). Until I work this issue out (which has been going on for a few months, hence the lack of posts), stay hungry for more Dimpled treats and don't forget to smile :) Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!

<3 K.

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